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Heating System Repairs

In both mild and cold climate zones, having an energy efficient heating system provides warmth and comfort when outdoor temperatures begin to drop. Energy efficient systems will also reduce the cost of heating your home or office and will do so considerably less expensively than units 15 years or older. Having your heating system repaired by a professional heating contractor with highly trained technicians will ensure your units efficiency and lifespan will remain at its peak operating ability for as long as possible.

Professionally Repaired Heating Systems

Upon receiving a system service repair call, our highly trained technicians are quickly dispatched to accurately identify the source of the problem. Our technicians will discuss replacement of any faulty parts before doing repair work. Once the needed repairs are approved, the faulty parts will be replaced and tested to assure the unit has been restored to its full functionality. NJ HVAC offers a wide selection of heating system services, including upgrading your existing heating system with a more energy efficient unit. This may be an option for your home or office instead of continuing repairs on an older less efficient unit. Newer units can save as much as 30% or more of the cost of your annual heating bill.

Maintaining Safety and Health

As heating systems become older, they typically require maintenance and repairs more often. Older systems not properly repaired or maintained are not only unsafe, but can have adverse effects on the health of your family and employees. Heating systems in need of repair can have increased health risks in small children and the elderly. When you heating system fails or malfunctions, it is VERY important that you hire a professional heating contractor with highly trained heating technicians. Hiring professionals will ensure the work is done right, minimizing risks to your family and employees. Rutan Mechanical will always be up front with you and honest about the repair and maintenance work needed, as our return customers are our bread and butter.