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Heating Installations

Rutan Mechanical is a leading heating installation service provider in northern New Jersey. NJ HVAC proudly offers energy efficient central heating installations for the most pocket-friendly rates. We strive to provide superior quality heating units, great prices, with professional technicians and a pleasant experience for all our customers. We are able to meet tight budgets with high quality heating installations, thus our business thrives from our commitment to our customers.

Green and Low Energy Heating Installations

As older heating systems age, their efficiency is reduced. Newer heating systems offer much higher energy efficient ratings than older units as well.Rutan Mechanical is a leading provider of EnergyStar rated heating systems for the northern New Jersey areas. Replacing your older heating

heating system can save you as much as 30% or more off your energy bills in the winter months. You can reach one of our highly trained installation / sales technicians who will be delighted to assist you and answer any questions you may have about selecting the best unit, the installation process or anything else you wish to know.

The energy efficiency of a heating system furnace is typically measured by its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. Furnace manufacturers are required by law to display the AFUE rating of every model. An AFUE rating of 90% means that 90% of the energy in the fuel will become heat energy in your home or business. We have outlined the important features between low efficiency heating systems and high efficiency heating systems here for you:

High Efficiency Heating Systems:

  • AFUE rating between 90% - 97%
  • Fully sealed combustion
  • Two heat exchanges for condensing flue gases and higher efficiency

Mid Efficiency Heating Systems:

  • AFUE rating between 80% - 83%
  • Electronic ignition
  • Light-weight and compact size
  • Flue pipe with smaller diameter
  • Exhaust fan to control precise flow of combustion gases

Low Efficiency Heating Systems:

  • AFUE rating between 68% - 72%
  • Pilot light glows continuously
  • Heavy heat exchanger
  • Natural draft flow of combustion gases